Job Title 100% systematic traders
Location New York Area, NY
Job Type Full-Time Regular
Job Description We have multiple companies looking for 100% systematic traders with track records 2 years and above in FX, Futures, Options, and Equities.
Holding Periods from High Frequency up to 5-6 months. Information Below.

Please include any available statistics about your strategy, including as much of the following as possible:

Are you 100% systematic or is there any discretion?
Alpha Signal Strategy type(e.g. mean reversion, momentum, volatility breakout, ect):
Avg. Holding Period:
Book Size(current and largest):
How long has your strategy been live-trading:
Asset Class Focus:
How scalable is your strategy:
Max Drawdown:
Do you have a non-compete(if yes, what are the limitations)?

All strategies need to have a recent track record.

  • One of our clients is an Event-Driven Systematic Quant Shop whose AUM has increased over 55% in a year to > $1B AUM. Whenever the unexpected happens in the market, they make money! By way of just one example, they were up 50% in 2008. Considering the current political climate, they could be looking at a very profitable next 4-8 years. They are looking to hire QPMs/QRs who are creative, collegiate, collaborative and want their ideas to be taken seriously. Strategies need to be 100% systematic, trade a combination of futures, FX or equities with an average holding period of about 1-2 weeks.
  • We have another client who is a prestigious, top 100 hedge fund >$10B AUM looking for a 100% systematic cash equities QPM/QR who has managed capital or seen your research translated into actual trading; Someone who understands how your research translates into P&L. Holding period of weeks to months. Upside is that there is a very significant amount of prop capital and you will not need to raise assets. Working with many of the best and brightest in the business in a highly collaborative environment.
  • Last but not least: if you trade global equities and/or futures, would like to work anywhere in the world, leverage this multi-billion AUM firm’s state of the art infrastructure, get paid handsomely and retain your IP, let me know. You must have a track record of several years. HFT/intraday. Get up and running in weeks, not months.

These firms are prepared to hire now. If you are interested in discussing further or have a referral, please contact me.