Job Title Directional Options Trader
Job Type Full-Time Regular
Job Description


Our client, a well establish Prop Trading firm/Hedge Fund in Chicago who is looking for a Directional Options Trader. They are looking for a experienced Directional Options Trader with upstairs directional Alpha built in strategies experience. Someone with an option orientation who would take directional risk for good reasons who would take on people, train them and build a team. Someone who has done more spec or directional trading as a business who is more theoretical and gets is from a different view. “Someone who understands options theory “ and how to use options in terms of leverage and understands the relationship between one options and another- an options strategic view. More of a directional opinion based rather than risk mitigating type strategies. Someone who sees the reason to take the risk rather than someone who takes edge and neutralizes it. Someone who knows the difference between good risk and bad and goes after it. Someone on the desk who knows he/she is taking good aggressive positions. They do things on a Sharpe ratio basis. Compensation is mostly performance based depending on how much risk you take. They are looking for an directional trader with a solid track record. They have models that have directional bias and they have experienced cash guys that trade futures in the commodity area that has strong opinions, but turning that into an option trade takes a different sort of view. Somebody with experience with this sort of concept is the goal. CONTACT: BARRY FRANKLIN; INTEGRATED MANAGEMENT;; wk: 480 505 1186; mobile 602 680 9592.