Job Title Chief Lending Officer
Location Beaverton, OR
Job Type Full-Time Regular
Job Description

Rivermark Community Credit Union ($779M Assets)

Are you looking for an opportunity to be in CEO succession planning for a high functioning and well-respected organization?  Do you value strong leadership, collaboration, strong community engagement, and a healthy work-life balance?  If so, then you will want to join this innovative and creative team formed to take Rivermark Community Credit Union (Rivermark) to new places.  Bring your exemplary leadership skills to an innovative culture steeped in development and succession planning.  Rivermark has recently created an exciting C-Suite team and is looking for an innovative and creative Chief Lending Officer to join their dynamic team.

The Chief Lending Officer (CLO) will play a key role in the long-term success of Rivermark.  The CLO is a key contributor on the senior executive team (the Chief Financial Officer, Chief Technology Officer, Chief Experience Officer, and the Chief Executive Officer) who serves to establish the strategic direction for the planning and execution of mortgages, consumer and business lending offerings, as well as collections.  Additionally, the CLO serves as a key player in developing the overall strategic direction of the credit union.  This position advises and reports directly to the President/CEO.

Rivermark has proudly served its members since 1951 and now serves eleven counties and over 80,000 members. With their headquarters located in Beaverton, OR, you will enjoy all that the local community has to offer. Beaverton is home to over 1,000 acres of parks, hiking, and biking trails to explore while you enjoy the outdoors. With a strong school system and a multitude of community events, it’s no wonder Beaverton was awarded “Best Places to Live” by Money Magazine in 2016. For more information, visit their website at


  • Functions as a key member of the senior executive team and help to develop and promote the strategic direction of the Credit Union.  Works closely with all leadership of the Credit Union, including the Board of Directors.  Identifies the C-suite as their #1 team, building a strong level of team health while focusing on overall organizational results.
  • Develops and executes strategic Mortgage/Home Equity Lending and Consumer and Business Lending business plans for the Credit Union.
  • Key contributor in Rivermark’s Asset/Liability Management process.   Partners with the VP’s to recommend changes to loan pricing and fees as necessary.  Recommends pricing on new loan related products and services, or in areas related to Collections.  Exhibits a strong understanding of balance sheet management.
  • Serves as a champion and supporter of innovation and creativity, promoting efficiencies throughout the organization through the use of technology and enhanced employee productivity, leading to incredible member service.
  • Understands, believes, communicates, and supports the credit union philosophy and is a champion of Rivermark’s core values, mission, and vision.
  • In conjunction with the vice presidents and managers, prepares, manages and monitors the Consumer & Business Lending, Mortgage, and Collections budgets and business plans.  Ensures timely reporting on activities to the President/CEO, other senior executives, and the Board of Directors.
  • Responsible for the oversight and management of all loan production goals.
  • Adheres to all compliance standards set forth by federal and state laws and regulations.


Bachelor’s degree in business, finance, or a related field.  Evidence of strong progressive leadership/management experience in the Lending field (Mortgage, Consumer Lending, and/or Business Lending).  Previous experience managing collections is desirable.  


  • Possesses exceptional verbal and written communication skills, including the ability to deliver presentations on complex topics to management, the board, various board committees, and outside groups.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of consumer and real estate lending policies, procedures, regulations, and systems.  
  • Skilled in communicating effectively with key stakeholders and leveraging critical relationships.  Able to articulate and influence change.
  • Excellent supervisory, interpersonal, communication, analytical, and problem-solving skills.


Demonstrated actions and progressive results in current and previous positions surrounding the Board approved Ten Leadership Competencies.


Strategic and transformational qualities are those leadership competencies that are required of any successful business leader because they activate foresight, positive/forward thinking, and implement change and growth.

  • Visionary ThinkerNaturally formulates and manages vision and singleness of purpose. Is creative, inspiring and motivating.  Creates ideas.  Has strategic agility, is innovative, forward thinking, and ambitious.  Adventurous, explorer, and comfortable with paradox and uncertainty.
  • LeaderEthical, courageous.  Has command presence, can quickly prioritize and focus self and others, good planner, and strives for results.  Focused, organized and decisive, and can stand alone.  Has the intellectual horsepower to reason, think through, and formulate a direction.  Effectively delegates. Measures and takes calculated risk. Self-reliant.
  • Change AgentCan manage and personally make changes, listens effectively, action orientation, not satisfied with the status quo, and uses teams effectively.  Is approachable while confronting conflict.  Develops others and is a consensus builder.  Motivating, and considered fair and just.
  • Relational & Political AcumenIs effective with all types of people, is affirming, and reinforcing of others. Can “size up” people quickly, create alliances, and influences others.  Understands, considers, and maneuvers through challenging situations with comfort and humility.  Composed, subtle.  Understands fine differences, possesses and uses political savvy.  Has a strong relationship with subordinates, peers, bosses, vendors, the community, and outsiders.
  • Performer/ImplementerAction orientation.  Possesses required financial, technical, and marketing skills to do the job.  Can focus, drive for results.  Systematic and trusted to follow-through.  Maintains perseverance.  Patient, comfortable with rules.


Critical transactional qualities are those leadership competencies that are required of any successful business leader because they reinforce, support, and further develop the essential business qualities, functions, and actions.

  • Effective Communicator - Is trusted, informing.  Can explain and motivate others, negotiates well, can effectively manage conflict, and is effective at using personal disclosure.  Uses humor.  Artful storyteller.  Good verbal, written, and media skills. Comfortable receiving help.
  • Decisive Decision Maker - Makes quality decisions in a timely manner, can learn on the fly, deals well with ambiguity, strong problem solver, measures work.  Critical thinker. Has the technical learning/perspective to inform decisions.  Cool headed.
  • Demonstrates Experienced Business Acumen - Experienced and brings wisdom and perspective to issues and problems, makes quality decisions, can manage process and people problems.  Consistent in their dealings.  Strives for self-development and lifelong learning.  Knowledgeable in using electronic information.  Understands the subtlety of issues and situations.  Maintains appropriate knowledge of external environment.
  • Cultural Driver - Knowledgeable and comfortable across diverse ethnic groups. Understands and actively reinforces desired organizational culture, effectively marries and manages process with culture.  Understands internal environments and change agents.  Has interpersonal savvy, can adjust personal style to what is needed.  Can see solutions within the context of desired culture.
  • Focuses on Membership (Customer) - Has a customer first focus, comfortable with the paradox of the individual need versus what is best for the whole.  Continually places the membership’s financial needs first.


  • This position has direct supervisory responsibility for the VP Lending and the VP Business Services/Mortgage.

  • This highly visible position has direct contact and regular interactions within all levels of the organization, the Board of Directors, state and federal examiners, and other key external stakeholders.

  • Occasional local and out-of-area travel is required.