Job Title Field Controls Technician
Location Remote
Job Type Full-Time Regular
Job Description Function of Job

Under administrative supervision from a designated trade manager, to plan, coordinate and
supervise new construction and remodeling of existing buildings.

Characteristics Duties and Responsibilities:

1. Installs temperature control systems by working alone or by leading a crew of people.
2. Installation tasks include:
  • Installing conduit, typically EMT, but also rigid conduit in some instances.
  • Installs low voltage wire. In limited circumstances, installs 120-volt line voltage wire.
  • Mounts pressure, temperature, humidity and other controls sensors and thermostats.
  • Mounts control panels.
  • Builds control panels in the office panel shop.
  • Assists with the start-up of the controls system (point-to-point checkout, etc.) as required. This is not an essential job duty, but this skill would be a plus.
3. Coordinates the temperature controls work with the Foremen of the other trades on
4. In addition to performing the installation tasks described above, when leading a crew
of people:
  • Organizes, coordinates, and supervises the work of the craft employees on construction projects.
  • Trains employees.
  • Determines work priorities and coordinates work activities within the design area and/or with others outside of the office; apportions work among employees according to abilities or specialized training.
5. Attends meetings and reviews project documents (e.g. contracts, specifications,
blueprints), as necessary.
6. Collaborates with administrators on the supervision of all work operations.
7. Exercises control over rate of construction progress in order to complete construction
project within time limits.
8. Leads inspection and commission of day to day construction work to enforce
conformity to specifications.
9. Acts as adviser on job related problems.
10. Deals with individuals demanding information or service, such as agencies,
department heads or others.
11. Performs other related duties as assigned.

Minimum Acceptable Qualifications

1. High school graduation or equivalent.
2. Any combination totaling three (3) year’s work experience in building construction,
remodeling, construction project coordination, or service experience.
3. Knowledge of temperature control systems and installation methods.
4. Knowledge of building materials, tools, and machines.
5. Knowledge of building material costs and wages.
6. Supervisory ability.
7. Ability to read blueprints and specifications for buildings.
8. General computer, writing, communication, and interpersonal skills.
9. The ability to travel. The standard rotation is seventeen (17) days travelling followed
by four (4) days at home.

Desirable Qualifications

1. Any combination totaling four (4) year’s work experience in building construction,
remodeling, construction project coordination, or service experience.
2. Knowledge of all phases of building construction, including work commonly done by
the various building crafts.
3. Knowledge of electrical and mechanical systems.
4. Knowledge of troubleshooting and servicing temperature control systems.
Physical Demands
1. The position requires standing, bending, reaching, lifting a majority of the work day.
2. Lift repetitively 25 pounds.
3. Climb ladders.
4. Work from scaffolding and lifts.
5. Drive a company vehicle (truck).
6. Capable of driving long distances between job sites.
7. Other manual labor as required.