Working Fields LLC
Job Title Dishwasher
Location Northfield, VT
Job Type Contract Full-Time
Job Description

There is a lot to learn about cleaning. The best order to clean things in, the science behind the effects of water and the cleaning process. Techniques you can use to clean multiple things in the same time it takes to clean one and much more.

Being aware of your environment is one of the key components to a successful team. Knowing what is happening around you allows you to quickly change what you are cleaning next so that things that are needed by the team are ready to go before they need them. This is one of the areas that communication with your team is important.

Attention to detail is very important in the day to day work you will be preforming. Making sure everything you work with is thoroughly cleaned using the right tools, products and processes is required to excel in the dishwashing position.

In the Dishwasher position you will be the one that will be cleaning the buckets, barrels, kitchen tools, mixers, other equipment and more.

Team requirements

  • Be positive
  • Be supportive to those around you
  • Team oriented
  • Be aware of your surroundings
  • Take pride in your work
  • Have a strong desire to learn

Technical requirements

  • Lift 50 lbs occasionally
  • Lift 5 – 10 lbs frequently
  • Stand for long durations
  • Work in an environment that can get hot (around 80 degrees F)