Working Fields LLC
Job Title Customer Service Rep
Location Montpelier, VT
Job Type Contract Full-Time
Job Description

Counter/Inside Employee Description:

  • Responsibilities Include:
    • Customer service – greeting customers, helping them locate product (guiding, not pointing), assisting with carrying product from shelf to counter to vehicle
    • Answering the phone with ease
    • Learning to use the point of sales system for customer transactions both in person and over the phone (also utilizing the Astro Pet Loyalty Program)
    • Maintaining a clean showroom – sweeping, mopping/running the floor machine, dusting, fronting shelves, checking expiration dates, keeping the counter clean and easily accessible for customers
    • Assisting with putting away orders being received, pricing, merchandising etc
    • Assisting with building displays for merchandise

  • Expectations Include:
    • Showing up for shifts ready to work, proper attire (close toed shoes, apparel appropriate for working inside and also being comfortable going in and out of doors throughout the seasons), and on time
    • Being responsible and attentive to detail, following correct transaction procedures for inventory control, etc. Ensuring customers are rung up for the correct product (we have many products with similar names, so choosing the correct one for their needs is essential)
    • Communication skills - ensuring that transactions run smoothly and that orders are immediately communicated with the warehouse for proper product loading
    • Keeping oneself busy – we have a list of busy work behind the counter, the ideal candidate would be able to take it upon themselves to follow through with these tasks
    • Be able to ask for help when they need it
    • Ability to stand for long periods of time, communicate with a variety of individuals from all walks of life, handle bags in excess of 50lbs regularly

  • Crossover duties:
    • Occasionally we will ask a counter employee to help out in the warehouse, either pulling orders to be loaded into customers vehicles, helping to put orders away or unloading deliveries