Job Title Sales Executive - Data Center Cooling Solutions
Location Rochester, NY
Job Type Full-Time Regular
Job Description

Objectives: This position is an outside sales role with direct responsibility for selling innovative data center cooling solutions offering industry changing technology driving results for customers significantly improving capacity, efficiency, and profit.

This Sales Representative is integral to our success through establishing new relationships and furthering existing ones. As the face of our company, the Sales Rep will continually network and prospect new relationships in a manner that portrays a professional and knowledgeable demeanor in our tradition of providing progressive solutions.


Measurable Results

Sales Planning: Setting and meeting sales goals and fiscal responsibilities. Positioning correctly in the market to achieve these goals.

· Assist the President in establishing realistic sales goals.

· Monitor sales results for potential improvements and variances from plan and take appropriate actions.

· Monitors competitive activity in the market and identify new competition and/or changes in competitor’s activities. Stays current on industry trends.

Prospecting: Consistently find new opportunities with new and existing customers.

· Developing a qualified pipeline.

· Working with the correct decision makers, where there is a business problem to solve and there is an implication to not solving the problem.

Qualification: Ensure all pipeline opportunities meet minimal qualifications.

· Qualifications are assessing need, timing, budget, capabilities match and implementation schedule. Establish datacenter objectives/improvements in terms of capacity, profit and efficiency.

Presenting: Effectively present a business driven proposal as needed to convince the business level, user level and financial level decision makers why this solutions should be purchased now and not from your competitors.

· Present the business case that aligns to customer needs as defined during the qualification phase.

· Describe the solution in alignment to business and technical needs.

· Align scope, schedule and cost.

· Effectively position unique qualifications and corporate overview.

Close sales timely in enough volume to meet annual business objectives.

· Winning sales to meet and exceed new revenue objectives.

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