Job Title
Senior Process Architect
Date Posted
Job Type
Full-Time Regular
Job Description

Senior Process Architect – Memphis, TN

  • Has in-depth understanding of the inventory of Company’s Customer, Management, Execution, Support and Supplier processes, upstream and downstream dependencies, and key hand-offs between processes as depicted in Company's Process Relationship Map (PRM)
  • Maintains the Level 1 and Level 2 process profiles on the PRM as changes occur
  • Adds new process profiles when required
  • Understand critical business issue(s) and determine which process(es) can be effectively improved to solve
  • Identify key process issues and resulting business issues


‘Current State’ Business Process Analysis:

  • Scope process inputs & outputs and develop process profile subprocesses
  • Identify process design team members from the business functions involved in the process
  • Interview individual design team members to build process steps for their ‘swimlane’
  • Construct Level 3 end-to-end cross-functional process map with all the participating swimlane process steps with their corresponding hand-offs
  • Facilitate validation sessions and identify inventory of problems/issues with current workflow and steps at the Organization, Process, and Job Level
  • Facilitate the prioritization of problems/issues and their impact on the business
  • Develop Lean Value Stream Map to measure throughput, lead times, wait times, and resources as a ‘current state’ process performance baseline

‘Future State’ Business Process Design:

  • Construct ‘Future State’ Process Profile with the necessary beginning process inputs/sources, individual subprocess inputs and outputs and final end-of-process outputs/destinations
  • Facilitate new subprocess process design specifications (including regulations, policy adherence, input/output specifications, assumptions, and constraints)
  • Facilitate possible process design solutions that meet the design specifications for each subprocess
  • Facilitate any changes required to the sub-processes for the approved new process design
  • Facilitate the new workflow of the process steps to eliminate problems/issues using Value Stream Map to eliminate waste, delays, and effort
  • Facilitate the development of the new end-to-end cross-functional process map for the redesigned process
  • Develop process performance metrics for the new process
  • Facilitate new detailed roles and responsibilities to support the new process
  • Plan high-level implementation plan to implement the new process
  • Define business requirements for any changes to systems that support the redesigned process
  • Define process performance metrics
  • Process Implementation

Process Leadership and Coaching:

  • Lead the evolution to becoming a process–managed enterprise through process ownership, top-to-bottom performance metrics, and the monitoring and management of the performance of core cross-functional business processes
  • Coaching, guiding, training, observing, motivating and developing the team members. Driving continuous improvement of the application of methodologies tools, and capabilities in the performance improvement practice


  • degree required, MBA a plus
  • Rummler-Brache 5-phase Process Performance Methodology with 4 Levels of Process Analysis practical experience Certification desirable
  • Strong group facilitation skills
  • Six Sigma project knowledge & experience
  • Lean Value Stream Mapping experience
  • Ability to be based in Memphis

Minimum 8 to10+ years of experience:

  • Leading teams doing Business Transformation, Business Process, Process Modeling, Change Management, Quality Gates, Process Performance Metrics and Process Performance Management
  • Linking business process improvement efforts to system and organizational critical business issues
  • Leading/facilitating current state ‘As Is’ process analysis; identifying process disconnects at the organizational, process, and job level; facilitating future state ‘Should’ process design; planning implementation and operationalizing of redesigned processes
  • Developing Lean Value Stream Maps using cross-functional process maps to analyze current process throughput, timing, workflow and recommended changes using Lean principles
  • Assessing process performance baselines and establish process goals

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