Job Title Indigenous Internship Program
Location Australia Wide
Job Type Full-Time Regular
Job Description

Expressions of Interest – Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Internship Program

What is the Indigenous Internship Program?

We have created our Indigenous Internship Program which finds paid, casual/part-time work for Indigenous students, in a business related to your course of study.

So instead of working in Hospitality or Retail while you’re at Uni, if you’re an Accounting student, we’ll try to match you with a job at one of the big 4 Accounting firms.

While your classmates are working in a restaurant, you’ll be getting real-world experience relative to the subject you’re studying. It might be casual or part-time hours during the term, and then more full-time hours over the breaks. Your time is your most valuable resource - don't waste it!

When you graduate, you’ll already have 2-3 years of work experience in that field, and this gives you a massive competitive edge.

Secure a full-time job when you Graduate

Ideally, the company you’ve been working for during your studies will offer you a permanent role with them. After all, they’ve spent the last couple of years training, developing and mentoring you, it only makes sense that they look to you first when choosing their graduate employees.

We are here for the journey, not just this first step

We’ll help you find your first career-related job, and then be part of your career from then onwards. As you grow and develop in your career we can be there to guide you and mentor you. When you feel as though it’s time for a career move, we can let you know about relevant positions that mightn’t have even been advertised. The beauty of this is, that we can do this for not only you, but family, friends and colleagues you know who are Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander, as long as they work in Professional or White-collar jobs.

Shine People Solutions works with Corporate, Not-For-Profit and Government organisations in a wide variety of industries in metropolitan, regional and remote areas, in every State and Territory.

How to apply

Send us a brief email to letting us know;

1. What you are studying
2. How far through the course you are
3. The names/types of business that would like to be a part of
4. Your Resume

Take this deadly opportunity to get a head-start over your competition.

For further information, please contact Rebecca Bourke on 0414 968 145 or