Working Fields LLC
Job Title Machine Operator – Airchips
Location Fairfax, VT
Job Type Contract Full-Time
Job Description

Summary of responsibilities:

Under the responsibility of the production manager, the Airchip Machine Operators are responsible for coordinating, and organizing daily production activities on their respective machines. He/she is responsible for completing assigned tasks effectively and efficiently, while maintaining a high standard of quality and safety procedures.

List of responsibilities:

  • Starts the production line;
  • Adjusts components in preparation for product on the Specification Sheet;
  • Calibrates machine components;
  • Verifies picking for each production, ensures all ingredients or materials needed are available and fills requisition if necessary;
  • Conducts change overs and set-ups between products and clients, adjusting components accordingly;
  • Conducts machine adjustments according to changes in production demands, issues, etc.;
  • Recalibrates speed, length, etc. during production to ensure the quality of product produced;
  • Ensures process parameters and setups are respected and communicates to the supervisor of any deviations or the need to deviate;
  • Controls quality of product during the manufacturing process;
  • Reworks waste;
  • Coordinates with Warehouse to return unused product;
  • Disassembles and cleans the equipment when the schedule requires according to HACCP standards;
  • Coordinates with the Quality Control Department regarding necessary quality checks during processes;
  • Communicates with other departments (Maintenance, Warehouse, etc.) as the need may demand;
  • Communicates to the supervisor any incidents related to safety, quality, equipment, etc.;
  • Completes all necessary paperwork for production operations;
  • Ensures the security of the equipment;
  • Keeps the workplace clean according to HACCP standards; and

Completes other tasks, as assigned.