Job Description

Title: Startup Readiness Program Technical Authority Support

Location: Richland, WA

Duration: Award – 12/2025 with potential to extend

Position Purpose:

  • This Statement of Work is a Fixed Firm Level of Effort for 1500 hours. Client has four projects that are or will be entering the Startup Readiness process. The startup schedules for these projects may or may not overlap. As a result, there may be periods of idle time during a project’s Startup Readiness and between the finish of one project and the start of another. If there are periods of idle time between projects, contractor shall support the Conduct of Work organization, as directed by the Conduct of Work Manager, in the completion of audits, surveillances, and procedure reviews and updates to ensure the Conduct of Operations program is effectively implemented at Client.
  • Provide expert-level guidance and leadership to projects involved in the Startup Readiness process, which currently include the following:
    • Transportation Safety Document
    • Multi-Canister Overpack Welding
    • WESF Transfer, Packaging, and Delivery of CSS Casks
    • Capsule Storage Area Facility Receipt and Storage of Cask Storage System Assemblies
  • Support any new facilities, activities, or operations identified for entering the Startup Readiness process to include the following tasks:
    • Fulfilling the role of Startup Readiness Technical Authority as described in Startup Readiness
    • Issuing the Startup Notification Report.
    • Providing customer interface
    • Conducting Readiness Review Determinations
    • Collaboration and Guidance for facilities developing:
      • Startup Plans
      • Activity Readiness Plans (ARP)
      • Declarations of Readiness
      • Readiness Self Assessments
      • Plans of Action (POA)
      • Implementation Plans
      • Final Readiness Reports
    • Ensuring startup procedures (e.g., Startup Readiness, and Project Startup Reviews) and associated forms are up to date and revised as necessary.
    • Administration and retention of completed readiness documents.
    • Maintenance and updates for content of the Startup Readiness Webpage.

Minimum Qualification Requirements:

Minimum five (5) years’ relevant experience in project readiness and startup per the U.S. Department of energy (DOE) O 425.ID, Verification of Readiness to Start or Restart Nuclear Facilities.

Salary and Benefits Information:

Expected Salary Range: $50-80 / hour (depending on experience and qualifications)

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Employee Type
Part-Time Regular