Our client: A large Agriculture company in the region is looking for a Chief Farming Officer

Your Role: An exciting C Level role for a seasoned professional to bring in his/her expertise to establish a strategic framework for managing very large farms, crop plans, farming methods and advance technology in agriculture. Incumbent would be responsible for implementing investment plans for the farms and drive synergies across various departments and stakeholders. He would have the overall responsibility for the entire farming and post-harvest operations. Technology based farming plays a very important role in this part of the region and hence the candidate would need to come with a very strong expertise in using and implementing new age technologies / farming methods and crop protection technics.

Must-have: The ideal candidate must be in possession of a Degree in Agronomy with 15 to 20 years of experience. This role needs someone who has experience in greenfield projects or has been a significant part of an up-gradation of brownfield projects. Should be familiar with the latest techniques to be used in farming. Candidate should also come with a strong knowledge of Farming chemicals, Seeds type and quality, Crop diseases, Processing machinery.

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Job Type
Full-Time Regular