Travel Forecasting Business Line Leader

Consulting, Data Science
Job Type
Full-Time Regular

Travel Forecasting Business Line Leader

You're a skilled transportation engineer or planner with a passion for improving mobility in communities across the US. Your specific expertise is in travel demand modeling, yet your skills extend into data analytics, benefit analyses, staff management and projects. You have a vision for helping communities make better decisions by combining the discipline of demand modeling and an evolving sea of transportation-centric data, and you're interested in being part of a professional community that supports this vision. Our client has what you're looking for, and we have been asked to find you.

The skills you possess:
  • Leadership - You have experience supervising a team within your business, not just those assigned to projects.
  • Travel forecasting expertise - Your niche is travel demand modeling, and you have applied this expertise across multiple modes.
  • Data munging - You have experience with third-party datasets and how to make them behave; you are keen to enhance these resources to help identify solutions for forward-thinking communities.
  • Consultative and curious disposition - You can explain complex concepts to a variety of audiences, and you know how to listen to customers; but this doesn't mean you ever stop asking questions.
  • Coding and Analysis: You are proficient in one or more travel demand forecasting software products and you have additional coding, GIS and data science skills which could improve the insights and projections you and your colleagues deliver to customers.

If you believe this opportunity could be for you, please connect with Josie Summa at or call 904.683.7000 x 11 to begin confidential inquiry! We look forward to hearing from you.

Keywords: TRANSCAD, CUBE VOYAGER, EMME/2, VISUM, Python, C++, R, ArcGIS, ESRI, SAS, Consulting, Engineer, Planner, Professional Engineer, Transportation Planning, PTP, AICP