Springfield IL

Position: Aircraft Painter needed in Springfield, IL

Only qualified candidates with the below experience will be considered for this position.

Position Description:

  • Prepares aircraft surfaces for painting by cleaning, scraping, sanding and then treating the metal with alum prep and alodine.
  • Applies aerodynamic sealer, and masks the aircraft using tapes and paper products (to protect windows, seals, struts, cables, etc.) in preparation for the paint process.
  • Mixes blends and thins paint products, per the manufacturers’ maintenance manual specifications.
  • Applies paint to the aircraft interior and exterior surfaces. (Paints include: urethanes, acrylic urethanes, enamels, lacquers and epoxy paints.)
  • Interprets specifications, color sketches, and instructions and plans sequences, and times the paint operation. This includes mixing ratios, surface preparation, papering and masking, drying time, number of coats, etc.)
  • Maintains painting supplies and equipment, including spray guns, air hoses, pumps, paper, and tape.
  • Applies registration number, external markings, placards, emergency borders, wing walks, etc. within regulations and specifications.
  • Familiar with and understands composite and problem areas on a variety of corporate aircraft. .
  • Documents all work accomplished (a.k.a. sign-off) in a clear, concise and accurate manner.
  • Responsible for knowing, understanding, following, promoting and continuously improving company policies and procedures.
  • Observes all safety, environmental and general housekeeping rules and policies.
  • May perform other duties as required by the department.

Job Requirements:

Position Requirements:

  • High school diploma or equivalent.
  • 3 years’ experience as an Aircraft Painter desired.
  • Requires knowledge of all types of paints and thinners. Must be qualified to prepare aircraft exteriors, interiors and panels for proper application of paint, as per set standards.
  • Is able to minimize rework through proficiency in paint preparation and application.

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