Tulsa OK

Position: Aircraft Painter - Tulsa, OK

Only qualified candidates with the below experience will be considered for this position.

Job Description & Requirements:

1. Perform process activities including, e.g., painting, metal etching, metal polishing of aircraft details, heat treating, engraving, shot peening, sand blasting, wire assembling/fabrication, decal/metalcals and metal processing, etc. to support the production requirements.
2. Qualified to set-up and test electrical/mechanical/ hydraulic/pneumatic assemblies and components.
3. Spray and brush priming.
4. Perform hand finishing operations typical of the following: blending of multiple adjacent MDD surfaces into engineering tolerances and/or perform transition work to bring detail parts in accordance with engineering tolerances.


Must be able to work 2nd / 3rd shift

2+ years of experience

Candidates will have to wear respirators, work on floor beams, prime and final finish paint.

Candidates will need to be clean shaven to perform the test.

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