San Antonio TX

Position: A&P Mechanic Lead - San Antonio, TX

Only qualified candidates with the below experience will be considered for this position.

Job Description & Requirements:

Responsible for Mechanical Maintenance and repair on Commercial Aircraft types.

  1. In charge of crew of 20 or more. Able prioritize what needs to be done on a daily basis.
  2. Remove and replace various aircraft components with the use of special tooling and ground support equipment following oral and written instructions such as supervisor’s directives and manuals to complete all routine and non-routine assignments in a timely manner.
  3. Perform the duties of and provide necessary training for lower skill levels.
  4. Perform as Relief Lead assuming all Lead responsibilities in his or her absence.
  5. Maintain and store various tools in a serviceable condition.
  6. Adhere to safe maintenance practices and keep a clean work area.
  7. Maintain and supply personal records of work performed on OJT forms for the Training Department.
  8. Successfully complete any courses deemed necessary by the Training Department.
  9. Perform any work that may be assigned by his or her supervisor.

Proficient working knowledge of the following skills: Complex component replacement, power plant removal/ replacement supervisor, landing gear change main and nose, Aileron rigging, elevator rigging, stabilizer rigging, nose wheel steering rigging, spoiler rigging, flap rigging, rudder rigging, slat rigging, APU removal/ installation, wing/ tail engine change procedures, slat/ flap control cable change, horizontal stabilizer jackscrew replacement, flight control surface balancing procedure, engine trim procedures, throttle rigging, A/C towing supervisor/ tug operator, APU operation, Aileron lockout procedures, trim tab weight/balance, A/C pressurization procedures, cargo/ entry door rigging, troubleshooting hydraulic systems, air condition systems, pneumatic systems, knowledge of all aircraft manuals and related materials, knowledge of all applicable F.A.R.’s and company policies and procedures, knowledge of all paperwork procedures including job cards/ time cards, routine/ non-routine cards, S.R.M.’s, service bulletins, interpret and apply E.O.’s and work sign-off/ sell-off procedures.

EDUCATION: High School diploma or GED required.

A&P license required.

EXPERIENCE: Needs to have 8-10 years of heavy commercial maintenance experience along with lead background

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